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High Accuracy Mass Flow MeterDCFL3000A1 is an advanced high precision of mass flow measurement instrument.Due to its excellent performance, it has high measurement accuracy, low requirements on fluid state and low pressure loss. The various specifications of instrument can be directly obtained the mass flow, volume flow, density and temperature of the measured liquid or slurry without manual calculation or estimation.Our instruments can perform well even in bad working conditions.There are no moving parts in it, no  required complicated installation, and no strict requirements on working conditions.Each sensor is made of stainless steel, and the kinds output of the transmitter can meet all your needs.
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Intelligent electromagnetic flow meter is a kind of all-intelligent electromagnetic flow meter that The all-chinese electromagnetic converter kernel adopts high speed CPU, developed by our company with the most advanced technology at home and abroad.The calculation speed is very fast, the precision high and the measurement performance reliable.The design of converter circuit adopts international advanced technology, with input impedance up to 1015 ohms, common mode rejection ratio over 100db, external interference and 60Hz/50Hz interference rejection capability over 90db, which can measure the flow of fluid media with lower conductivity.The sensor adopts non-uniform magnetic field technology and special magnetic circuit structure. The magnetic field is stable and reliable.The purpose of our company is to make customers 'buy with confidence, use with care, and serve with satisfaction'.
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DCFL3000A3 vortex street flow meter is a volumetric flowmeter that measures volume flow of gas, steam or liquid, volume flow or mass flow according to Karman vortex street principle.And it can be used as flow transmitter in automatic control system.This instrument adopts advanced differential technology with the measures of isolation, shielding and filtering. It overcomes the problems of the same kind of products such as poor seismic resistance and small signal data disorder, and adopts unique sensor packaging technology and protective measures to ensure the reliability of the products.There are two types of products: basic type and compound type. Basic type can measure single flow signal.The compound type can measure temperature, pressure and flow at the same time.Each type has an integral and segmented structure to accommodate different installation environments.
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Turbine flow meter (hereinafter referred to as TUF) is the main type of impeller flow meter, which includes wind speed meter and water meter.The TUF consists of a sensor and a conversion indicator. The sensor uses a multi-blade rotor to sense the average flow rate of the fluid, thus deducing the flow rate or total amount.The speed (or revolution) of the rotor can be detected by mechanical, magnetic induction, photoelectric method and displayed and transmitted by the readout device.It is alleged that the first TUF patent was issued in the United States as early as 1886, and that the 1914 patent held that TUF traffic was related to frequency.The first TUF was developed in the United States in 1938 and was used to measure the flow of fuel on airplanes. It was only after the second world war that the need for a high precision, responsive flow meter for jet engines and liquid jet fuel made it a real industrial application.Today, it has been widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, scientific research, national defense and metrology
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DCFL3000A5 ultrasonic flow meter adopts ultrasonic time difference principle to measure the flow rate, which can realize the flow measurement of dn15-dn6000 pipelines.This series of products have the advantages of high measurement precision, strong anti-interference ability, stable and reliable work, rich interface and so on.Each part of the flow meter is designed according to the IP68 protection grade standard, which can be used in bad working environment.
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Metal tube float flow meter is a variable area flow meter based on float position measurement, which is all-metal structure and Modular concept design, because it has small volume, small pressure loss, large range ratio (10:1), convenient installation and maintenance. So it is widely used in various industries complex, bad environment, small flow, low flow rate, various harsh media conditions of flow measurement and process control.The design and manufacture of metal tube float flow meter also take into account the requirements of the user's process flow direction. There are vertical installation, up-down installation, side in and side out installation, bottom in and side out installation, screw connection, horizontal installation and other installation options.
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