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Why radar level transmitter can be widely applied in level measuring field

DATE: 2019-11-07

Radar level transmitter is advanced level measuring instrument, whose maximum measuring range can be up to 70 meters. Whose Antenna have been further optimization, the new rapid microprocessor can undertake higher rate of signal analysis and processing, so that this transmitter can be used in the process of the solid material, containers or strong dust easily crystallized, condensation.

1.radar level transmitter applied in measuring the level of solid particle.

In cement plant,most of raw materials are granular materials, and some are blocky material, such as limestone, coal, shale etc. Whose bulk clinker are also granular materials, which are stored in a library or barn, there are material rest Angle and a reflection interface.According to the feeding and unloading material which is formed by the rest Angle and the surface, recommending non-contact type radar level transmitter, that is with bar or horn antenna level transmitter, if the effective range can be is determined.

If using the contact type, will generate a larger tension of cable, so that will cause an accident.Echo signal of the horn antenna will be stronger, and precision will be higher (plus or minus 0.2% to plus or minus 0.2% F.S),according to the information feedback from plant.

2.radar level transmitter applied in measuring the level of powder

Generally speaking, there are 4 ~ 8 piece in the cement plant and cement grinding station, in the cement plant, of fly ash and cement and raw meal homogenizing library, these materials are all powder, very difficult to measure the level of material.
The surface of curry powder is very loose , and reflecting microwave is very difficult, also can choose non-contact type horn antenna radar level transmitter with big flange.  Actually,the cable can be regard as antenna and also be guided wave tube, two beings become one.The microwave pulse will be propagated along the rope from the probe, and reflected back when pulse meet the material surface. the range can reach 35 m, the dielectric constant of the measured material epsilon minimum is 1.6.Alternatively, the maximum tension of cable can being abrasion and stand, who can satisfy all kinds detection requirements of powder requirements in the cement plant.

The professional suggestions of selection and most reliable radar level transmitter will be provided by Xi'an Dechuang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.

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    2019 - 11 - 07
    Radar level transmitter is advanced level measuring instrument, whose maximum measuring range can be up to 70 meters. Whose Antenna have been further optimization, the new rapid microprocessor can undertake higher rate of signal analysis and processing, so that this transmitter can be used in the process of the solid material, containers or strong dust easily crystallized, condensation.1.radar level transmitter applied in measuring the level of solid particle.In cem...
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    There are many corrosive liquid used in various chemical industries, then the corrosive liquid level measuring instrument are required commonly, For radar type level sensor, we have below 3 types of anti-corrosion:1. DCRD1000A1, PTFE corrosive proof radar level sensor2. DCRD1000A2, PFA corrosive proof radar level sensor3. DCRD1000C5, FEP corrosive proof radar level sensorXi’an Dechuang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd
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    It is known that intelligent radar level transmitter functions according to echo distance measurement principle, but few people know how radar level transmitter measures substance distance by electron wave. Where will radar level transmitter be used in life? Our R&D team will give you answers on its working principle in the following:Radar level transmitter emits the microwave transmitted by antenna while signal processor compares the emission signal with received signal, the measured distance is calculated. Because microwave occurs attenuation and noisy reflection, the key measurement is received and reflected echo and identified the effective echo. :High frequency radar level transmitter is converted into level signal based on specific time stretch by electronic compon...
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