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Power supply and communication method of radar level gauge

DATE: 2019-06-24

Radar level gauges are currently widely used in the monitoring of solids, dust particles, liquids, slurries, river water levels, etc. The level signal detected by the radar level gauge is ultimately connected to the back of our automation control equipment or to the secondary display meter for monitoring control. The specific power supply and communication methods are as follows:

1.(4 ~ 20) mA / 24V DC / HART two-wire system

2.(4 ~ 20) mA / 24V DC / HART four-wire system

3.(4 ~ 20) mA / (85~ 265) V AC / HART four-wire system

4.RS485/Modbus/( 6~26)V DC

5.Radio frequency 433M

The customer can select the power supply and communication mode according to the actual requirements of the site. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.

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