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Fault treatment of radar level gauge in pharmaceutical factory measurement process

DATE: 2019-05-17

                                     Fault treatment of radar level Transmitter in measurement process

The radar level transmitter has the advantages of low maintenance, high performance, high precision, high reliability and long service life. Compared with contact meters such as capacitors and heavy hammers, it has unparalleled superiority. The transmission of microwave signals is not affected by the atmosphere, so it can meet the requirements of harsh gases such as volatile gases, high temperature, high pressure, steam, vacuum and high dust in the process.

As a liquid level meter with accurate measurement, even if the product has high stability, it will cause malfunction due to excessive use or improper operation for a long time, which will affect the effect.

Fault treatment of radar level gauge in pharmaceutical factory measurement process:

1. First check whether the tank top radar level gauge oil level high setting value is consistent with the liquid level setting value in the PLC program. If the parameters set between the two are different, the interface display will be inaccurate.

2. Check whether the radar level gauge itself has a problem, and calculate the proportional relationship of the current value output by setting the high level value of the radar level meter. Check whether the instantaneous current value output by the tank's instantaneous level value is accurate. If there is an error, the radar level gauge itself has problems, and further inspection of other parameter settings is required. If the parameters are checked correctly, the radar level gauge service personnel should be contacted to solve the relevant problems. In addition, the majority of users and friends need to pay attention to is that when the cause of the failure can not be judged, please do not disassemble, so as not to damage the components.

3. Because the empty height value of the radar level gauge is a fixed measurement value, if the original input data is measured incorrectly, the final PLC interface may not be displayed. If conditions permit, it is recommended that the site user perform an accurate measurement of the radar air altitude value, which will be very helpful for future maintenance work.

4.Check the signal transmission line for any problems. The radar level gauge signal line must use double-glue shielded wire, and the strong electric power can't take a line pipe or cable trough, away from electromagnetic interference or magnetic field. The radar level gauge case is well grounded. 

5.Check whether the power supply is normal. The radar level meter is powered by DC21.6V-26.4V. Because some power sources on the site do not meet the requirements, the radar level meter output will be abnormal.

                                                             Fault treatment of radar level gauge in pharmaceutical factory measurement process 

The above is the relevant introduction made by the R&D department of Xi'an Dechuang Electrical Technology Co., LtdFault treatment of radar level gauge in pharmaceutical factory measurement process to the radar level transmitter in the measurement and troubleshooting of the pharmaceutical factory. I believe that you have a new understanding of the radar level sensor after reading the above article.

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