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Instrument knowledge---tank side display (pointing) indicator/monitoring

DATE: 2021-04-22

Instrument knowledge---tank side display (pointing) indicator/monitoring


The development of science and technology promotes the rapid advancement of industrial production. Safe production has always been regarded as a core priority. More and more chemical companies are integrating automated management with production lines, using high-tech methods for system management, and creating a highly automated and integrated process. Modern and intelligent enterprises can reduce personnel costs and improve their production level and efficiency. But at the same time, ensuring the 'precise, accurate, secure and stable' operation of the field equipment can guarantee the long-term production safety of the enterprise and realize the real automation. To ensure the smooth operation of the equipment, it is inseparable from the inspection of the on-site personnel. Inspection and maintenance.

 Instrument knowledge---tank side display (pointing) indicator/monitoring


In the industrial field, there are inevitably high temperature, high pressure, toxic, strong corrosion and other production conditions in petrochemical industries, and testing equipment is installed in locations that are inconvenient for observation and maintenance.


In order to facilitate the on-site personnel to observe the data of the equipment at any time, today, I will introduce a product that can be used with the radar level meter-the tank side display (pointer) indicator!

Tank side display (pointer) indicator/monitoring

It is a digital display instrument for process variables. It is used to receive 4-20mA standard current signal and accurately display the detection value of the equipment. The installation location can be flexibly selected according to site conditions and needs, so that it is easy to view the liquid level and material level on site. The value is transmitted remotely to the back-end control system with a 4-20mA current signal output.

 Instrument knowledge---tank side display (pointing) indicator/monitoring

The role of the tank side display (pointing) indicator

If the tank side display (indicating) indicator is installed, it is convenient for the staff to observe and at the same time improve the work efficiency.

Generally, multiple types of instruments will be installed on the production storage tank at the same time to prevent data deviation and ensure production safety. For companies with standardized management, inspectors are required to check data with the central control room regularly, and display (indication) next to the tank. The existence of the instrument not only ensures the accuracy of the measurement, but also conveys the safety information of the inspectors to the central control room, these key and basic instruments.

Installation Precautions of the tank side display (pointing) indicator

Ensure that the cable type matches the electrical interface;

Ensure that the cable is bent downward to prevent water from entering;

Ensure that the cable sealing head may be tightened;

Ensure that the cable is intact;

 Instrument knowledge---tank side display (pointing) indicator/monitoring

The tank side display (indicating) indicator can communicate with field measuring instruments such as radar level gauges through 4-20mA signals, and read the measurement data of the meter and display it on the tank side indicator. At the same time, the tank side display (indicating) indicator is also an information collection device. The tank side display (indicating) indicator transmits the field instrument data to the control room through the data bus. The use of the tank side display (indicating) indicator can greatly Reduce the difficulty of daily inspections, data transcription workload and later instrument maintenance of tank farm staff.

Instrument knowledge---tank side display (pointing) indicator/monitoring

The tank side display (pointer) indicator is widely used, and can be installed in any area of the site or the control room, even in high-temperature, toxic, and flammable on-site environments.


Applications 01

A certain coal chemical industry site installed our company's DCRD1000B series radar level gauge on the top of a tank with a height of 20m, and the tank side display (indicating) indicator was installed on the ground stairs, which not only facilitates the inspection personnel to read the value, but also Improve work efficiency and reduce safety hazards. 

Instrument knowledge---tank side display (pointing) indicator/monitoring
Applications 02

A gas station measures the position of the gasoline tank. Facing the position of the oil tank more than ten meters underground, it is impossible for managers to open it for observation at any time. The most intuitive thing is to install a tank side display (pointer) indicator to read data and connect to a computer. Control system, real-time dynamic data management, minimize the inconvenience caused by tedious work.

Instrument knowledge---tank side display (pointing) indicator/monitoring

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