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Instrument knowledge-Common faults and solutions for radar level gauges

DATE: 2021-04-13

The radar level gauge is an indispensable level measurement tool in today's automated production. While bringing convenience to people's production, various small problems may occur during use, causing inaccurate measurement and production line parking and other conditions that are worrying! In order to help instrument users solve these simple situations, let's talk about the common faults and solutions of radar level gauges during the measurement process.

Generally speaking, the common faults are as follows:

Q1: No display during measurement

1. Confirm that the power supply of the radar meets the requirements of the radar and ensure a good connection with the radar.
2. Confirm that the programmer is in good contact with the radar.

Q2: Display the fault code E14
Confirm that the change range of the material level is within the range setting range of the radar.

Q3: Unreasonable installation

Strictly follow the product installation instructions before installation.

Q4: Produce false signal, inaccurate level measurement

Manually edit according to the echo image (edit according to the manual).

Instrument knowledge-Common faults and solutions for radar level gauges

The on-site situation must be analyzed clearly to provide a reliable and safe environment for the installation of radar level meters, so that the meters can accurately measure. When installing the instrument, choose to install it correctly under the guidance of professional instrument workers. However, according to the different working conditions, the radar level gauge will occasionally fail during work. Generally, what should the on-site technicians deal with when these problems are encountered? ? Let us analyze it together.

1. The liquid level changes but the radar level gauge shows a fixed value and does not change?

A. The radar level meter antenna or antenna attachment has attachments, which will produce interference echoes. Excessive dirt accumulated on the antenna will cause strong reflection of microwaves, causing the radar level meter to display a fixed high level value. As long as you clean the antenna and the dirt and attachments near the antenna, and wipe the transmitting antenna, most of the faults can be eliminated.
B. There are obstacles or fixed fixtures in the tank, which will cause strong reflection of microwaves. At this time, the value of the echo intensity is relatively large. Most of the faults occur when the tank is empty, and false signals need to be shielded at this time.

2. Is there a deviation between the actual liquid level and the radar level gauge display?

When the liquid level shows a fixed deviation, first check whether the tank height setting is correct, so that the zero point of the radar level machine is consistent with the process reference point, and check whether the liquid level is the same as the range of the upper machine. Check the height of the tank first, and then check whether the settings of the basic parameters are consistent with the height of the tank. You can power off and restart to see if it can return to normal. Otherwise, only remove the transmitter head to check whether there is condensation, condensation or dirt on the antenna, clean and wipe it, and then install it to observe whether it is normal.

3. The actual liquid level is normal but the radar level gauge shows fluctuations?

If the material level is normal, the damping time of the radar level gauge can be modified and the damping time of the radar level gauge can be increased to solve the display fluctuation. There are condensed water or water droplets on the antenna, the mixer makes the surface of the liquid level to be measured violently fluctuate, and the radar level gauge is installed above the unloading port, which will increase the interference echo in the container and cause the liquid level to display fluctuations. When displaying fluctuations, the most considerations are poor line contact, electromagnetic interference, electronic circuit problems, etc., but do not ignore the influence of the display instrument or DCS cards. If some DCS cards have insufficient load capacity, the liquid level will be normal. , But if the indicator display value fluctuates frequently, sometimes the card may return to normal after plugging or unplugging the card. Otherwise, the channel or card should be replaced.

4. Radar level gauge shows the maximum value?

This fault is mostly caused by water droplets or dirt on the radar level gauge transmitting antenna. Remove the radar level gauge and wipe off the water droplets or dirt on the antenna with a clean soft cotton cloth. Restart the antenna and it will usually return to normal. When scrubbing the transmitting antenna of the radar level gauge, use a soft cotton cloth dipped in alcohol, gasoline and other solvents to scrub it. Do not scrub with acid or alkaline solvents to prevent corrosion of the antenna.

Instrument knowledge-Common faults and solutions for radar level gauges

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