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Application case|120G FMCW radar level meter is applied to the measurement of liquid level in chemic

DATE: 2021-01-28

Application case|120G FMCW radar level meter is applied to the measurement of liquid level in chemical reactor


In chemical reactors, can the liquid level be monitored for complex working conditions such as small range, rapid stirring, and steam? How to provide an effective solution for liquid level measurement?


Our 120G frequency modulated radar level meter has a transmission frequency of 120~130GHz and a 10GHz frequency sweep bandwidth. It only takes 80 ms to complete a complete measurement and calculation process for a distance of 100m. Non-contact measurement, strong anti-interference ability, can overcome the influence of steam, foam and stirring on the measurement, and accurately measure the liquid level in various small-range storage tanks and reactors.

Application case|120G FMCW radar level meter is applied to the measurement of liquid level in chemic


Let us take a look at the actual performance of the radar level gauge DCRD1000B1 on the chemical reactor.

On-site working conditions and instrument parameters

Chlorination workshop of a chemical company:

Instrument parameters:

Model: DCRD1000B1

Medium: certain chloride, with chlorine gas; 

Range: 4.5 meters; Process connection: DN150 PN16;

Process pressure: 1.0Mpa; Process temperature: 100°C;

On-site working conditions: The tested device is a reaction kettle with liquid chlorine and steam. The tank is stirred in the middle, and the speed is about 120 rpm. There are three baffles inside the tank.

Application case|120G FMCW radar level meter is applied to the measurement of liquid level in chemic

Others: other high-frequency radar level gauges have been tried on site, and the level changes during mixing cannot be measured。

Measurement process

The most difficult point in the measurement of this working condition is that the stirring speed in the tank is too fast, and the amplitude and frequency of the liquid level fluctuation are large. The radar signal is easily interfered and interrupted during stirring. The measurement effect of the 120GHz frequency modulation continuous wave radar level meter is as follows:

Application case|120G FMCW radar level meter is applied to the measurement of liquid level in chemic

Measurement results and analysis

After field test, the 120G frequency modulation radar level gauge has good measurement results, and overcomes the following measurement difficulties in complex working conditions:


1)The reactor has a relatively small volume, stirring in the middle, and there are three baffles in the middle of the tank. The radar signal is best to avoid obstacles. Therefore, the reactor basically requires the launch angle of the radar to be smaller. The launch angle of the 120G radar level gauge Only about 1°, which meets the requirements of working conditions.


2)The stirring rate is very fast, and the difference in liquid level fluctuation is about 1m. During the stirring process, the normal output of the radar level gauge must be ensured, and there should be no signal interruption or signal bounce.


3) There is liquid chlorine and steam in the reactor, which need to be anti-corrosion, and the influence of steam on the measurement should also be reduced.


In summary, this radar level gauge has been successfully applied to the level measurement of the solution in the chemical reactor, demonstrating the reliability and stability of the instrument under complex working conditions, and achieving a satisfactory measurement effect for users.


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