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Application case|Our company's DCFL3000A electromagnetic flowmeter is used in the measurement of slu

DATE: 2020-12-08

Electromagnetic flowmeters are used to measure the flow of conductive media. They are widely used in chemical industry, chemical fiber, papermaking, mining and metallurgy, urban water supply and drainage, environmental protection, water conservancy, steel, petroleum, pharmaceuticals and other industrial fields. It can measure various acids, alkalis, and salts. Solution, production water, lime milk, sewage and various slurries.

Our DCFL3000A series electromagnetic flowmeter is a high-performance, high-reliability intelligent flowmeter instrument. It adopts mature technology, applies high-quality materials, breaks through technical difficulties, improves product performance indicators, and the maximum measurement range can reach DN2200. Customers provide safe and reliable solutions.

a. The converter core adopts a high-speed central processing unit, which has fast calculation speed, high precision and reliable performance. The converter circuit design adopts international advanced technology, the input impedance is as high as 1015 ohms, the common mode rejection ratio is higher than 100DB, and the rejection ability for external interference and 50Hz~60Hz interference is higher than 90DB, and it can measure fluid flow with extremely low conductivity.

b. The sensor adopts constant current excitation technology and special magnetic circuit structure, the magnetic field is stable and reliable, and the measurement is stable and reliable.

Instrument parameters and site conditions

Lock bucket flushing water make-up pipeline for coal-based methanol gasifier:

Instrument parameters:

Medium: grey water;

measuring range: 0~125m3/h;

Structure: One-piece;

Process connection: DN150 pipeline type vertical installation, slurry explosion-proof type;

Part material: 304 material sensor, PTFE lining, Hastelloy C electrode;

Signal output: 4~20mA+Hart/220V AC

On-site working conditions: The medium in the water supply pipeline of the device is gray water, which contains many particles and impurities, similar to a slurry fluid.

Application case|Our company's DCFL3000A electromagnetic flowmeter is used in the measurement of slu

Since the commissioning of the device, the measurement is accurate, the output is stable, and the linearity is good.

Application case|Our company's DCFL3000A electromagnetic flowmeter is used in the measurement of slu

Grey water contains many particles and impurities, similar to slurry fluids. Generally, electromagnetic flowmeters often have output fluctuations when measuring, and the trend graph of controlled variables has obvious sharp waveforms (because solid particles or fiber friction electrodes will produce Sharp interference, that is, the presence of 'slurry fluid noise'). An imported electromagnetic flowmeter used in the device before has large measurement fluctuations. Later, the sensor lining was damaged by the cleaning machine when cleaning the pipeline and could not work normally. Then choose Xi'an Detron electromagnetic flowmeter. For the measurement of this type of slurry fluid, Xi'an Detron DCFL3000A product judges the components in the measurement signal, adopts the method of gross error processing to limit the amplitude of the 'spike interference', and performs digital filtering To process, smooth the output, and achieve the user-satisfied measurement effect.

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