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Intelligent radar water level meter helps carry out flood prevention work

DATE: 2020-09-16

Intelligent radar water level meter helps carry out flood prevention work

Recently, as tropical disturbances in the southern coastal areas of my country have developed into tropical depressions, heavy rainfall has appeared in many areas of southern my country, and the flood control warning has been sounded. Since my country entered the flood season, a new round of flood control and early warning work has once again been put on the agenda. In flood warning work, the status of monitoring instruments can hardly be shaken. In order to do a good job in flood control and early warning, and prevent problems as much as possible, the intelligent radar water level meter DCRD1000A2 researched and developed by Xi'an Dechuang Electrictrical Technology Co., Ltd. not only greatly improves the measurement accuracy and reliability, but also can deal with various problems. Kind of complex conditions.

Intelligent radar water level meter helps carry out flood prevention work

We know that water level is the most basic observation item for hydrological observation, which provides data and basis for the formulation of flood control plans. At the same time, water level monitoring is also an essential link in the construction of water conservancy and hydropower projects. Therefore, with the successive completion of my country's water conservancy projects, the replacement of water level observation instruments cannot be ignored. Under this premise, the radar water level meter occupies the high ground of water level monitoring in my country with its unique advantages.

It is understood that the DCRD1000A2 radar water level meter relies on pulse radar technology as the measurement principle, and at the same time, uses advanced microprocessors and unique DCRD Discovery echo processing technology to achieve the goal of dealing with various complex situations. Judging from the current market situation, the quality of radar level meter on the market is uneven, and the measuring distance varies. The DCRD1000A2 radar water level meter increases the working temperature to 100 degrees Celsius on the basis of ensuring the measurement accuracy of ±3mm.

Of course, as a kind of hydrological monitoring instrument, accurate measurement and strong anti-interference ability are essential. Compared with the large wave angle of common radar water level meter on the market, the minimum angle of DCRD1000A2 radar water level meter has reached five degrees. The wavelet degree angle makes the pulse energy more concentrated, and the most intuitive benefit of this concentrated pulse is the strong anti-interference ability. Eliminating the interference of external forces will greatly improve the measurement accuracy and reliability. At the same time, due to the use of high-frequency microwave pulses, relying on the extremely fast propagation speed of microwaves, the measurement speed is almost instantaneous.

In addition to its outstanding performance in water level monitoring, the DCRD1000A2 radar water level meter can also cope with complex working environments. (-40~100) ℃ working storage and transportation temperature and (-40~250) ℃ process temperature, so that DCRD1000A2 radar water level meter has the characteristics of temperature and pressure resistance. Taking into account the current water pollution in our country, this intelligent radar level meter can also meet the conditions of working in slightly corrosive liquids.

About Xi'an Dechuang is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the R&D, production and sales of software and hardware for radar level meters. At present, the company has a number of invention patents and obtained a number of industry honors. The company's main products are: 26G high frequency radar level meter, 6.8G intelligent radar level meter, guided wave radar level meter, radar water level meter and other products. The company's products are widely used in electric power, petroleum, petrochemical, metallurgy, water conservancy and other industries.

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