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The advantages of Electromagnetic Flowmeter

DATE: 2020-08-18

The advantages of Electromagnetic Flowmeter

DCFL3000A electromagnetic flowmeter is a high-performance, high-reliability, intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter, which it uses mature flow measurement technology and can provide first-class process flow measurement performance. The advantages is simple and effective, safe, easy installation, etc.

Adopting to mature technology, applying high-quality materials, breaking the technical difficulties, improving product performance,


1. High reliability

Using advanced measurement technology

Highly reliable structure

Long use time

2.  High precision

Accuracy 0.5 , the highest can reach 0.2

3.  Easy operation and maintenance

With self-diagnosis function

Lightweight and easy to install

4.  Using matrix LCD

5.  Modbus or HART communication

6.  High signal-to-noise ratio, strong anti-interference ability, measuring low-electric-rate liquids, it can be used in different complex working conditions

Application: Urban water supply and drainage, water treatment, and agricultural water measurement

Petrochemical, chemical, solution measurement

Pulp and paper slurry type liquid measurement

Corrosive liquid measurement

Food drink liquid measurement

Widely be used in machinery, steel, metal and automobile industries.

The advantages of Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Product Feature

There are no moving parts and no flow blocking parts in the pipeline, and there is almost no additional pressure loss during the measurement.

▲The measurement result has nothing to do with the physical parameters such as velocity distribution, fluid pressure, temperature, density and so on.

▲On-site, the range can be modified according to the actual needs of users.

▲High reliability using SMD devices and surface mount SMT circuits.

▲Ultra-low EMI switching power supply, using a wide range of power supply voltage changes, good EMC resistance.

▲With self-check and alarm function.

▲Strong anti-interference ability, reliable measurement, high precision, flow measurement range up to 100:1.

▲With RS485, RS232, Hart and Modbus digital communication signal output.

▲High-definition backlit dot matrix LCD display, with Chinese menu, easy to use, simple operation, easy to learn and understand.

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