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Instrument Knowledge|How to install DCRD1000A series radar level gauge correctly?

DATE: 2020-07-14

The DCRD1000A series radar liquid level gauge is a 26G high-frequency, non-contact radar level measuring instrument. It has the advantages of high performance, high precision and long service life. It can adapt to the harsh production environments of high temperature, high pressure, steam, dust, etc. The maximum measuring distance can reach 70 meters.


So, how to properly install the radar level gauge to ensure that the meter can work normally? Please see the following notes:


1. Installation Space

1) Installed at 1/4 of the diameter, and the minimum distance from the tank wall is greater than 250mm

2) Note: ①. Reference plane ②. Center of container or axis of symmetry

Instrument Knowledge|How to install DCRD1000A series radar level gauge correctly?

2. Conical tank installation

  The top surface of the conical tank can be installed in the middle of the top of the tank to ensure that the bottom of the cone can be measured

 Instrument Knowledge|How to install DCRD1000A series radar level gauge correctly?

3. Solid pile

For solid materials, there are piles or nests, and the antenna should be aimed at the surface. If the material surface is uneven and the cone angle is too large, you must use a universal flange to adjust the antenna angle so that the antenna is aligned with the material surface as much as possible.

Instrument Knowledge|How to install DCRD1000A series radar level gauge correctly?


4. Material inlet port

1) The radar cannot be installed above the feed inlet;


2) When installing outdoors, sun-shading and rain-proof measures should be taken.


3) As shown in the figure: ①. Correct ②. Error


Instrument Knowledge|How to install DCRD1000A series radar level gauge correctly?

5. Arched and round tanks

When the radar is installed in the middle of the arched and round tank roof, it will not only produce indirect echoes but also receive the effect of multiple echoes; the multiple echoes may be greater than the threshold of the real echo, because multiples can be concentrated through the top Echo; therefore, the radar cannot be installed in the middle of the arched, round tank roof

Instrument Knowledge|How to install DCRD1000A series radar level gauge correctly?


6. Obstacles in the tank

There are obstacles in the area radiated by the transmitted microwave beam, such as human ladders, limit switches, heating equipment, brackets, etc., which can cause interference and lead to measurement errors. If it is affected, you need to add a guided wave tube for measurement.


Instrument Knowledge|How to install DCRD1000A series radar level gauge correctly?


7. Takeover height requirements

It must be ensured that the antenna is at least 10mm deep into the tank.

 Instrument Knowledge|How to install DCRD1000A series radar level gauge correctly?

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