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Performance Characteristics of DCRD1000A Series High Frequency Radar Level transmitter

DATE: 2019-06-17

The 26GHz high-frequency intelligent radar level transmitter is currently the mainstream product for measuring solid level in the world. The maximum distance can be measured up to 70 meters, the antenna is further optimized, and the new fast microprocessor can perform higher-rate signal analysis and processing. The meter can be used for some complicated measurement conditions such as reactors and solid silos.


The 26G high-frequency radar level transmitter (DcRD1000A series) independently developed by Xi'an Dechuang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd has the following performance characteristics:

1.The high-frequency radar level transmitter (mainly 26GH and 24GHz) has the advantages of high energy and small beam angle. For example, the beam angle of the φ95 horn antenna is 8°, and the Φ123 horn antenna has an emission angle of 6°, Φ246 ( Generally, it is a paraboloid. The emission angle is 4°, and the antenna size is small and the precision is high. The low frequency stray is poor in directionality due to low energy, energy dispersion, and large emission angle. When the horn antenna of the low-frequency pulse radar has a diameter of φ246, the beam angle is also only 15°. It should be noted here that when the frequency is fixed, the larger the antenna size, the smaller the emission angle.

2.The 26 GHz radar has a wavelength of 11 mm and the 6 GHz radar has a wavelength of 50 mm. When the radar measures the bulk level, the radar wave reflection mainly comes from the diffuse reflection of the material surface. The diffuse reflectance is proportional to the particle size of the material and inversely proportional to the wavelength, that is, for the same material, the wavelength The shorter the value, the easier it is to be reflected, so that the echo signal is better when the radar is measured. Under normal circumstances, most of the bulk material is far less than 50mm, so the choice of 26GHz radar for level measurement is the ideal solution.

3.Due to the harsh environment, the radar antenna will accumulate dirt, water vapor, etc. over time. The 26 GHz radar antenna is small, and the additional radome can greatly reduce the influence of dirt and water vapor on the measurement results. The low-frequency 6GHz radar antenna is large, it is difficult to add the radome, the instrument is large in size, and the cleaning is more difficult.

4. The high-frequency radar can generally reach a measuring range of 70 meters and a maximum of 100 meters, which fully meets the application requirements of large-scale cement production lines.

5. Because the high-frequency radar level transmitter has the characteristics of good directionality, small launch angle and strong anti-interference ability, it is very suitable for the measurement of the material level of the long-diameter, especially for the calcium carbide furnace. Furnace silos, etc., where low frequency radars are difficult to meet customer requirements.

6. Compared with high-frequency radar, low-frequency radar Due to its low frequency, energy dispersion, energy is not concentrated, the ability to fight dust is far less than that of high-frequency radar.


In summary, the high frequency radar level transmitter is ideal for measuring solid materials. The high frequency radar level gauge is ideal for you.

Performance Characteristics of DCRD1000A Series High Frequency Radar Level transmitter


Xi'an Dechuang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd

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