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Electromagnetic flow meter---Part two ​

DATE: 2016-08-11

Electromagnetic flow meter is a kind of commonly used industrial automation flow measuring instrument, the selection of its material is also an important factor.

Because the electromagnetic flow meter, Parts in contact with the medium with only the interior of the electrode and the measuring tube.

According to the different characteristics of the measured medium, so need to choose the right electrode electromagnetic flow meter and lining material.

2.1 The choice of electrode material:


Material of Liner

Main Functions

Max Fluid Temp







1. Most steady plastic of chemical living energy; resist boiling hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, nitro- hydrochloric acid, thick  alkali and all kinds of organic solvent; not resist chlorine trifluoride, chlorine trifluoride of high temperature, liquid fluorine of  high  rate, liquid fluorine,corrosion of ozone

2. Performance of resisting abrasion not as good as polyurethane rubber

3. Capability of resisting sub atmospheric pressure not as good as polychlorobutadiene rubber



(require special order)

Thick acid, alkali,etc with strong corrosion

Sanitary mediums

Industrial waste water

Fluorinated Ethylene

Propylene (FEP)

Same above


Upper limit of suitable temperature lower than teflon, as well as cost



Polychlorobutadiene rubber

1..Excellent elasticity, high strength of

pulling apart, good performance of

resisting abrasion

2.Resist corrosion of generally low- density acid, alkali and salt; not resist corrosion of oxidized matters


(require special order)

Water, sewage,  mud and pulp   with weak abrasion

Polyurethane rubber

1.Strong performance of resisting abrasion

2.Poor performance of resisting corrosion


Neutral pulp, coal and mud with strong abrasion



2.2 Selection of Materials of Electrodes:


Materials of electrodes

Performance of resisting erosion and abrasion

Stainless steel


Apply to industrial water, domestic water, polluted water, etc. with weak erosion, applied in petroleum chemical industry, steel and iron,etc. and fields in government and environmental protection

Hastelloy B

Good performance of resisting erosion to hydrochloric acid of all degrees of density below the boiling point; resisting sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, hydrofluoric acid, organic acid, etc. non- chlorine acid, alkali, erosion of non-oxidized salty fluid

Hastelloy C

Resisting non-oxidized acid, such as nitric acid, nitration mixture, or the erosion of the mixture of chrinic acid and sulfuric acid; resisting oxidized salt such as Fe +++, Cu++ or the erosion of other oxidizers, such as the erosion of higher than normal temperature hypochlorite liquor and the sea water


Resisting erosion of sea water, all kinds of chloride and hypochlorite, oxidized acids (including Fuming sulfuric acid), organic acid, alkali; not resisting the erosion of purer reducing acids( such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid); if oxidizer exists in acids (such as nitric acid, Fe+++. Cu++) the erosion will reduce greatly.


Good performance of resisting erosion, similar to glass; Besides hydrofluoric acid, fuming nitric acid, alkali, nearly can resist erosion of all chemical mediums(including boiling hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and below 150°C sulfuric acid). Not resisting erosion in alkali.

Pt / Iridium Alloy

Can nearly resist all chemical matters, not fit for aqua regia and ammonium salt

Stainless steel Painting Tungsten Carbide

Fit for medium without erosion and strong attrition

Remarks: Due to multiple types the erosion is subject to complex factors such as temperature, density, flow rate etc. This sheet is only for reference. Users should make decision according to practical conditions, if necessary make experiment of resisting of to-be-chosen materials, such as the experiment of hanging pieces.

Above is the electromagnetic flow meter, the choice of material of different medium has different characteristics, don't have to choose the most expensive, choosing the right is the economic and durable.

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