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FMCW Radar Level Meter used in irregular reaction kettle

DATE: 2020-05-14

FMCW Radar level gauge used in irregular reaction kettle

 After testing for 26ghz radar level transmitter&guided wave radar level meter, our clients final choose the 120Ghz FMCW Radar Level transmitter, stable and good performance.

This is an irregular reaction kettle and the application details as below: 

1)Measuring medium: floating slurry, very easy to crystallize. 

2)Measuring range: 7000mm to 8000mm. 

3)Operated temperature: 120℃

FMCW Radar Level Meter used in irregular reaction kettle

Technical information of 120Ghz FMCW Radar Level Meter

1)thread type, Lens antenna with radome FMCW Radar level meter

FMCW Radar Level Meter used in irregular reaction kettle

2)Flange type, Lens antenna FMCW Radar level meter

FMCW Radar Level Meter used in irregular reaction kettle

Specific technical parameters:

Frequency range: 120GHz~130GHz
Measuring range: 20mm~50/100/150meter
Accuracy: ±1mm
Launch Angle: 1°(With lens radome)
Power supply: 9.0~42.0VDC(<5W) four wire or 110-250VAC, 50Hz/60Hz(<6W)
Signal output : 4~20mA (with HART/MODBUS/PROFIBUS*bus) or RS-485
Process temperature:  -60~200 ℃;-60~1000 ℃(With antenna heat  pipe/quartz isolation flange)
Antenna type: Lens antenna, PTFE/PEEK/PE 
Process pressure:   -1~5MPa; -1~32MPa(With quartz isolation flange)
Protection grade:  IP67 

Explosive-proof grade: ExiaⅡCT6Ga, ExdiaⅡCT6Gb

Installation type: M56*2 screw thread or flange

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