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the Installation Position Selection Of Radar Level Meter  1/2The radar level meter should be installed to avoid contact between the sensor and the tank wall and should be kept at a certain distance from the tank wall. Because the radar level meter is measured by transmitting high-frequency microwave pulses along the detection component, the dielectric constant changes when these pulse waves encounter the measured medium, causing the emission. Therefore, if the installed radar level gauge is too close to the tank wall, the dielectric constant of the tank wall may be obtained, which di...
Release time: 2019 - 06 - 03
2019 China (Xi'an) Petroleum and Chemical Instrumentation Automation Technology Seminar Held Successfully2019 China (Xi'an) Petroleum and Chemical Instrumentation Automation Technology Seminar was successfully held at Zhongxing Hetai Hotel in Xi'an on May 30th.Xi'an Dechuang took the radar level meter product to participate in the conference and exchanged ideas with the participants. . The radar level meter of Xi'an Dechuang Co., Ltd. have received extensive attention from technical representatives in the industry.
Release time: 2019 - 05 - 30
Killer Of Strong Dust, Easy to crystallize, condensation conditions -DCRD1000A6 Radar Level SensorWhy is the water droplet antenna radar level Sensor highly praised by users?The water droplet antenna radar level sensor is an advanced radar level measuring instrument with a maximum distance of up to 20 meters. The antenna is further optimized, and the new fast microprocessor can perform higher-rate signal analysis, making the sensor suitable for solid materials, process vessels or strong dust for crystallization and condensation. Nowadays, with the continuous development of industry, the instru...
Release time: 2019 - 05 - 27
Our company's high-frequency radar level meter has been successfully applied to Xinjiang Superenergy Chemical White Oil/asphalt project.Xinjiang Superenergy Chemical Co., Ltd. belongs to petrochemical projects,the planned production lines include: raw material oil pretreatment unit, natural gas hydrogen production unit, and high pressure hydrogenation unit. After completion, the annual output of road asphalt is 1 million t/a, industrial white oil is 300,000 t/a, rubber filled oil is 384,000 t/a, and solvent oil is 115,000 t/a.The high-frequency radar level meter of Xi'an Dechuang Electric Tech...
Release time: 2019 - 05 - 23
The Main Fatures of DCRD1000C series of Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter (GWR)The guided wave radar level meter is an excellent level gauge with advanced technology, excellent workmanship and high precision.When the guided wave radar level gauge is working, an electromagnetic pulse signal is emitted, which is transmitted to the liquid level and returned at a constant speed through a probe or a steel cable, thereby simply and accurately calculating the liquid level height.Guided wave radar level gauges are currently used in a wide variety of tank containers. It is used to measure the liquid ...
Release time: 2019 - 05 - 21
Wind and rain for the whole ten years of harmonious development--------DeChuang's ten-year celebration and group building activities were successfully concluded in QinlingCelebrating the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Xi'an Dechuang Electric Technology Co., Ltd., the two-day tenth anniversary celebration and group building activities ended in the quaint and elegant, beautiful scenery and charming scenery of Zha shui.The years are not living, the seasons are flowing, and until May 19, May 19 is a special number, and 2009.May.19 is a day of great significance. On this day, DeChuang was...
Release time: 2019 - 05 - 19
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