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Detailed classification of various instruments1.Flow meterFlow gauge, flow sensor, flow transmitter, water meter, gas meter, oil meter, meter.2. Liquid/Solids level meterLevel transmitter, liquid level relay,Liquid level gauge,solid level gauge, radar level transmitter, water level gauge, level controller.3.Pressure meterPressure gauge, pressure transmitter, differential pressure transmitter, pressure calibration instrument, pressure reducer, tire pressure gauge, pneumatic automatic adjustment control instrument, hydraulic automatic adjustment control instrument, pressure sensor.4.Temperature ...
Release time: 2019 - 05 - 13
our radar Level transmitter used in the measurement of chemical liquidOur radar level sensor has been successfully applied to the measurement of electrolytes of a new material technology company.Our radar level transmitters and solutions are widely used in many different industries:a.electrical and electronics industry, semiconductors,power plants;b.Machinery,Opto-electronics, process automation control;c.Oil&Gas, Petrochemicals, Mining, Iron and steel, Cement;d.Food &Beverages,agriculture and feed stocks.
Release time: 2019 - 05 - 10
Radar level instruments measure the distance from the transmitter/sensor (located at some high point)to the surface of a process material located further below in much the same way as ultrasonic level sensor, by measuring the time-of -flight of a traveling wave and then determine the level of the process material. They are regarded as continuous level measurement devices because they continue to measure level even as the level of the liquid in the vessel changes. The fundamental difference between a radar level instrument and an ultrasonic level instruments is the type of wave used...
Release time: 2019 - 05 - 06
The 3rd Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering Safety Monitoring, Hidden Danger Control and Smart Flood Control and Disaster Prevention Summit Forum was held in Xi'an.Our company participated in the meeting with radar water level meter products. Exchange and study with delegates.Special Introduction:Radar water level meter is widely used in hydrology and water monitoring, continuously measuring the water level for River channel, Lake, Reservoir, Open channel, tide,water hole etc.The feature of radar water level sensor: High accuracy;Strong anti-interference capability; Hardly affecte...
Release time: 2019 - 04 - 25
Guided wave radar level transmitter selection considerations1.Selecting the guided wave radar level gauge must confirm the viscosity of the measuring medium. If the measuring medium is very viscous, it is not suitable for the contact type measuring method of the guided wave cable rod. The hanging material will affect the transmission of the signal, and the reception will generate a false signal.   2. If the measured medium is corrosive, it is necessary to use a guided wave cable sleeve of PTFE or a rod set of PTFE.3. the definition of the range, the range generally we even insta...
Release time: 2019 - 04 - 19
How to prevent corrosion, shock and dust in the use of radar level transmitterThe radar level transmitter is an indispensable monitoring device. On one hand, the level transmitter can play the role of maintaining the smooth operation of the chemical production line, and on the other hand, it plays the role of life and property safety protection. For field instruments In terms of long-term exposure, the sun and rain, the instrument is prone to failure, then we need to do the instrument's anti-seat, anti-shock and dust-proof work, plus strengthen the management and maintenance...
Release time: 2019 - 04 - 17
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